Covid-19 has made life challenging, don't waste Charity or NHS money on music.  is offering 12 months of fabulous retail music with built in messages F.O.C no PRS required, no other music supplier licensing required. - great retail music, monthly updates, with Halloween and Christmas Carol playlists.

Call Dominic  on 07786 196717 or email

NHS waiting room music, patient messages and audio equipment from a single source 

Not Just Background Music – a Patient awareness programme

Let your patients know – Education never stops – don't just play the radio our GP's time is too important!


NHS Messages Surgery Messages Media Extra Messages
Catch it! Kill it! Bin it! Opening Times Dietary Advice
More than 10 minutes late you might not be seen Patient Groups Healthy Recipes
Sign up to Electronic Prescription Service Family Planning Fitness Advice
Notify us if you have a change of address Travel Clinic Local Charities Support
Care Navigation Diabetes Group
Use NHS 111
Use Pharmacist

Build your own message set, embed in your music, change your message regularly

  • PRS/PPL license free (we own all our music)
  • Music in a box, audio equipment supplied, just switch on and let it play, all day, every day
    Ask your CCG for special “bulk buying”  deal for a great price
  • Music playlists updated regularly, equivalent to 200 CDs per annum

Call Dominic  on 07786 196717 or email

Demo system available