Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of use of the Music of MyGuestMusic.co.uk 2019

  1. A) www.myguestmusic.co.uk is a trading name of Abraxsus Ltd, hereafter “the Company” The company is in the provision of products and services which are primarily music related but not necessarily exclusively so. A music license can be issued under the name Abraxsus or myguestmusic.
  2. B) All the company’s music is PRS/PPL license free unless otherwise stated.
  3. C) The company’s music may only be used in a commercial setting once the customer has accepted the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  4. D) The use any of the company’s services or products are subject to the following terms and condition, without further qualification.

1) Any modifications to these terms and conditions of use will be effective one month after such modifications being available on the company website. Customers will be notified by email of any such changes.

2) The company reserve the right to change any of the playlist either in order of play or discontinuing complete playlists, without notification. The company further reserve the rights to add or delete any other services which from time to time might be available through the company website or any of the company’s agents or affiliates. Any customer wishing to continue using discontinued playlists will be able to do so, provided they have agreement from the company.

3) The play lists represent certain styles of music in a general way and may include music that would not necessarily be classified as within the playlist category. Eg, a light classical piano track might be included in an ultra spa playlist.

4) Certain songs may appear in more than one playlist. We aim to provide 80% none repeat music in any playlist. (Radio has on average only 10% none repeat music), this is a target only and not a guarantee.

5) All users must submit their company full details, including their name, the venue address where the service is being used, telephone number, email address and, you the user assert that any information provided is accurate and current. Failure to provide accurate information could result in cancellation of the service with immediate effect.

6) Your music license in not assignable and is for use in one location only. Additional locations require additional licences. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by a company Director, the music license is for a period of 12 months and must be renewed after the 12 months term is up. The 12 months term starts at the point at which the music is supplied. Customers will be notified one month prior to the license expiring.

7) If the company’s music is used in more than one location, without the appropriate license, or uses the company’s music after the license has expired, the company reserves the right to impose a £5000 penalty, and with associated costs.

8) We will only send you information with respect to the services you have already received and those services that are directly related to the company’s business.

9) The Company holds no financial data relating to customers, all customers will pay the company via bank transfer. The company complies with all current Data Protection legislation. Director Dean Davies is the GDPR officer, please contact the Director if you have any issues in respect to GDPR. We Guarantee that user license information will never be sold to a list broker and further guarantee that in the event of a data breach you will be informed within 24 hours of the company becoming aware of such breach.

10) By agreeing to these terms you agree to pursue any legal disputes with the company in the jurisdiction of the England and Wales.

11) The company’s products and services are provided on an “as is basis”. All products and services may change without notification and all products and services supplied by the company fall within the remit of this agreement.

13) The company, its officers or shareholders or affiliates, or agents, makes no representations or warranties of any kind in respect to the merchantability services and products supplied the company.

14) The company will update its musical playlists at the rate of 2 complete updates per annum and 1 Christmas playlist. In addition the company will provide 4 generic messages and 4 customer specific messages if requested to do so. The company also has a range of other specialist playlists and will inform the user as and when these are available.

15) All music is the exclusive copyright of the company, or the company has agreement to use supplied music in its playlists (unless otherwise stated) and all rights are reserved. It is strictly forbidden for any of the music supplied by the company, or any of its associates or agents to be copied or tampered with in anyway whatsoever.

16) All music is created, performed and engineered by none PRS registered people.

17) The user agrees that if any one of these term and conditions is considered to be not legal, all remaining terms will remain in force and, the user further agrees that once the condition thought to be not legal is amended to become legal, it can be re-included within this agreement.

17) Where the company has supplies audio visual equipment, such equipment will be replaced within 14 working days in the event of the equipment failure.

18) All quotes are valid for a two week period from the date of the quote.

19) The company will from time to time use agents in the process of servicing customers and potential customer. The company will provide such agents with all relevant information in regards to pricing, and music deliverables but does not warrant that such information has been passed on to the customer in a correct fashion. The company will however confirm with the customer and potential customer the details of service and price offered, prior to order acceptance

20) This agreement represents the entirety of the agreement between the company and the user.

21) Any customer who would like clarification on any of these points,or would like to suggest changes to this contract is encouraged to talk directly with a Director of the company. We will give due consideration to all suggestions made.

22) Where the company has provided loan speakers, these must be returned at the end of the contract, at the customers expense.

23) The company provides 1 sd card or 1 pen drive as part of the yearly contract, all other sd cards and pen drives supplied must be paid for by the customer. These will be charged at the same rate as purchased by the company. All Package and posting is paid for by the customer.

24) All jingles and customer specific messages remain the Copyright of the company and must not be used after the termination of this agreement.